DUCJFC 2016 - February 4 - Frosty Friends #1

As part of the decisions I mentioned in yesterday's post, I plan to start on these ornaments:

Dimensions Frosty Friends! 

They're on decent Aida, so I decided to keep it the same vs. grabbing something else from my stash. 

Here's my start on number 1, the bird on the top left:

It's small because I continued on with my stitching on my owl:

He's coming along well and I'm looking forward to planning out the next two. I got DD to pick through my thread stash and try and choose some colours. At 2 she's not quite getting the "favourite" or "which do you like better" thing, but that will come. For now it's enough to know her favourite colour is yellow and I'll add that in when I can. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. Love the ornaments Tiffany. Nice progress on the owl.


  2. Lovely projects and great progress on the owl. Yellow shades are always bright and cheerful :)

  3. Oh, no, I feel some stash enhancement coming on... how cute are those Frosty Friends!! You stitched quite a bit yesterday. :)

  4. che bei progetti, adoro il gufo :)

  5. Your Frosty Friends are so cute! Your owl looks like he's grown quite a bit.

  6. Your owl is looking great, love the yellow in him! I really like the ornament set. I've not seen these before. Happy stitching:)

    1. Thank you! Yes, the Dory thread is really nice.

  7. Love the frosty ornaments, so cute. Your owl is looking wonderful.

  8. Ohmyworld those Frosty Friends are soooo cute!! Another one for my wish list :)

  9. Oh no....Those are adorable!!! Yep like several others...I'll have to add it to my wishlist too.

    Love your owl!

  10. I've seen those ornaments before and they are probably the only ones I've ever seen that I liked! Good choice! Nice to see Dory Owl making another appearance.

  11. Love the new ornaments and that Owl is so cute!

  12. Adorable collection of ornaments, they are super.

  13. I love those little ornaments, I've looked at them more than once thinking...hmmm...I need to stitch those!

  14. Great ornaments and such a cute owl!


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