DUCJFC 2016 - February 22 - Frosty Friends #5

Time again for everyone's favourite Christmas ornament series ;)

And today's start is the top right, the snowman with the stocking cap/toque/laplander, whatever you may call it. 

Again, it's not a huge start since I wanted to continue on with my owl. From yesterday's glowing comments, thank you!, I hope you're all happy I'm continuing on as well. 

He's so close! But I definitely need more thread. I will likely use up what I can and then wait for it to arrive. It might be an extra month because I never remember when my monthly thread club threads arrive. That's okay, Owl #3 is waiting!

Happy Stitching, 



  1. Cute start and nice progress on the owl Tiffany. I am still loving that floss.


  2. bellissimo inizio, adoro i pupazzi di neve

  3. I love those Frosty Friends ornies, I'm sure I'm going to crack soon and order them!

  4. All the Frosty Friends are darling. Still going strong on the challenge...good for you! Homestretch now, baby!

  5. Sweet start! My Frosty Friends have finally landed through my letter box ;) I had a look at the chart and boy! That cuteness is going to require a lot of work, more than I thought :) I will definitely start them later in the year.
    The rainbow owl is just sooo cute!!!

  6. Bummer about the thread, but I'm excited to see Owl #3!

  7. Love them both! Your owls are adorable!!

  8. You're keeping up with challenge which is terrific. Love, LOVE the way the owl is progressing.

  9. You've spoiled us today with Frosty Friends AND your owl. I can't get over how delicious the rainbow thread is!! :)


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