Monday, July 27, 2015

A Finish Tonight?

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday's post. I'm glad everyone would have done something similar instead of trying to frog such a huge section. 

I managed a decent amount of stitching after DD went to bed and I think I might just get it finished tonight. 

There's only one branch left above the half finished spider and I think I did about the same amount of stitching last night, so it's definitely possible. 

I'm debating about my next WIP and your opinions are welcome. I'd like to complete one more project before I start my new one because I know I can't hold back forever on that one. I'm thinking about LK's Dog Lessons which is almost 40% complete and that would mean less work until I finish it versus the others left in my list of 10 to try and finish this year. 

There's also Box of Delights which is only a little over 30% done and is really fun to stitch, but likely would take longer to complete. 

And stage 5 was just released, so stage 6 isn't out yet. I'm sure it will be by the time I finish the rest though. Maybe I should challenge myself to finish both before I start Princess and the Dragon

Plus there's the Summer Stitching SAL Butterfly Quote by Jodyri Designs and I haven't touched that for awhile either. 

Maybe I'll put a thread length or 2 into this one before I pick up one of the other WIPs. Keebs posted how changing projects helped her week and I am getting ready to be done with Midnight Manor, so I'm glad it's stitched up so quickly. The tree was getting a little boring yesterday, even though I've enjoyed stitching it and like the look of the hand-dyed thread.  

Rambling over! Happy Stitching,



  1. Yay for an almost finish! It looks terrific, Tiffany. I'm a Lizzie Kate fan so I vote for more progress in Dog Lessons. But a strand in the quote would be good, too; I love that color floss you're using.

  2. close to a finish, yeah. I vote for Lizzie Kate, I am also a fan. Would love to see this one stitched.

  3. You are almost there! It's looking great!! My vote is also for LK, it is a cute design:)


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