WIP Wednesday

Thank you for all your comments on Midnight Manor, I really appreciate it! 

I think the less said about our trip yesterday the better, but I did manage some stitching. 

Update on Box of Delights:

Now that I have another set of boxes ready to be filled in, I might have to do that before I pick up anything else. I'm interested to see what other stitches we try and if there are some more fun bits of threads I can use. I have some nice ones left over from K. 

And last night I did pick up Butterfly Quote despite the heat. I'll have to be careful with this one since Jodyri threads aren't colorfast, and I won't be able to wash it fully at the end. I can maybe wash the outside if I'm really careful though. 

I moved down instead of across because I wanted to see how the thread looked. So far I've used Jodyri threads in Pink Laydee and Summer Sunset. 

If you decide to stitch this one the chart it's printed fairly large and it makes it very easy to see. It's a nice break from the smaller font that was used on Midnight Manor. 

Tonight it's going to be hot again so I'm not sure if there will be stitching. There might only be lying under the fan instead. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. I'm sorry you're trip didn't go well. Great progress on Box of Delights and Butterfly Quote! Ooh, that yellow is pretty, too; I may need to order some floss from them.

  2. great stitching, love box of delights, great colors

  3. Sorry your trip was a bust, but you've made great progress on both projects.

  4. Great progress on both projects, they look lovely.

  5. Sorry to hear the trip didn't go as planned. Lots of wonderful stitching on both pieces.

    1. Thank you, and yes, disappointing, but at least I got some stitching done.

  6. Great updates - can't believe the last block for BoD will be released on Saturday!

    1. I didn't realize that until you posted this, so thank you. It inspired me to continue on to a finish.

  7. Love both the Box of Delights and Butterfly Quote! They're coming along nicely.


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