Friday, January 15, 2016

DUCJFC 2016 - January 15 - Kiss for a Snowman

Time to break out another new kit! Today's start is Dimensions - A Kiss for a Snowman which will look like this when finished:

And I made a decent start to here:

I debated about trading out the stiff Aida that came with the kit, but in the end I couldn't be bothered hunting through my stash, so I used it anyway. I think this one will go fairly quickly since it has a lot of half cross stitch, but we'll see. 

This will be another gift for DD and I think I might try and get it done for her birthday as well. 

I managed a decent amount while watching a couple of the last Poirot series. Has anyone else seen those? I may or may not go through the whole series, but I definitely hadn't seen these latest episodes. They're worth watching if you're a fan of David Suchet as Poirot. He's the definitive Poirot to me. If you're a real stickler to the original books you may not be as happy with them, there are changes, and not always for the better. 

One of them was filmed on Agatha Christie's estate, so that was interesting to see as well. 

Happy Stitching, 



  1. That's a great start! Love the design - perfect for a little girl.

  2. This design is so cute and I am sure your daughter will love it so much:) I also don't like the aida that comes with dimensions kit. My kitty litter project (also from dimensions) is a big one and now I cannot move to another fabric because I have already stitched quite a big portion.

  3. That's a good start for the day on what is a truly cute design. Dimensions have a great way of shading their kits for depth and effect. I look forward to seeing more of this stitched up. :)

  4. Such a sweet project and you made a really great start on it.

  5. Too cute! Love the pattern. Sometimes it's nice to have a basic Aida piece on hand to gives your eyes a break.

  6. Cute chart and great start Tiffany.


  7. Oooh so sweet! I have this one in my stash too. Can't make my mind about the fabric, it feels really awful to be working on it. Seeing your started & looking so cute already, I want to start mine!! :D Might have enough starts for now though. Cute start, really looking forward to seeing it coming along.

  8. Aida is strange to me now...when I was younger, I couldn't imagine stitching on anything else, now I swear you could cut someone in half with an ironed piece of it. Has it always been so stiff?

  9. That's a cute kit.

    I think David Suchet is an excellent Poirot, but I haven't watched any episodes for a while now.


Thanks for any comments!

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