DUCJFC 2016 - January 24 - AAN's Spider Banner WIP

When I mentioned the Spider Banner in a previous post, that made me want to dig it out and start right away, but I had a few other things lined up first. 

Now I want a quick break from the afghan fabric and I pulled this out to stitch on the lovely evenweave. Afghan fabric is nice and all with the large holes, but I do really enjoy evenweave. 

Here's where I left off last DUCJC:

And I managed quite a bit of progress by staying up too late once again:

I hope you can see the sparkliness of the fabric, it's so gorgeous! So far this is WDW Cherry Vanilla, Cyclamen and Gunmetal. 

This one is calling very strongly, so it's possible I'll only manage a mini-start tomorrow and go back to this one. We'll see how tomorrow's project goes. 

Happy Stitching and thank you for cheering me on!



  1. Beautiful start!! I can see the sparkly fabric, lovely:)

  2. Awesome progress Tiffany.


  3. Interesting re-start! I love the colours in this one.

  4. I love the colours. They compliment and contrast with the fabric so well. Question is... can you put it down now?! :)

  5. Great progress! I just love the colours!

  6. Superb colours, it looks lovely already! I can't wait to see your progress on that one.

  7. Beautiful fabric. Love the colors you are using too. Beautiful work!

  8. Wow! That is a LOT different than the pattern! It's going to look gorgeous!

  9. This one is super.
    Your owl in the post below is a cutie

  10. Gorgeous colours, Tiffany, I really like it.

  11. Loving the colours and nice progress.


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