DUCJFC 2016 - January 30 - Land of the Dinosaurs

Today I'm working on something entirely different for me. I've been subscribing to the digital edition of WOXS on Google Play. I prefer the Just CrossStitch digital editions since you download them as a .pdf and can print them at your leisure. With Google Play Newsstand I have to use a digital device to view the chart. 

I spent some time trying to make it work on my phone, but the chart was so small I couldn't enlarge it to work well. Later, DH showed me it was on "condensed" and once he had put it on "normal" I could have used it. However, phones are still kind of teeny and not a lot of fun to stitch with for me. 

I ended up using a small (and cheap!) Nexus tablet and that worked pretty well for my start:

It's hard to tell what you're looking at, and I can't really show you a photo of the finished project, but the bright red/orange is the outline around a triceratops crest. The blue is sky. This is a fairly large project, almost fully stitched 9x12. If you subscribe to WOXS, it's from October 2015, page 79/80.

I'm using 32 count Jobelan in Summer sky, even though it looks grey in that photo, and stitching 2 over 2 with the recommended DMC threads. I hope I get a chance to get back to this one. It's very bright and full of fun little dinosaurs. DD is really into dinosaurs right now, so I hope I can finish it up within the next year or so. 

Plus a little more on Lucy:

Just the backstitch to go now!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Love the colors in your new start Tiffany.


  2. Lovely new start !! Lucy is growing very well:)
    I use my iPad on iPad stand to see charts while stitching. I don't subscribe to digital editions, I purchase issues which I find interesting. Now I have lots of back issues that my iPad is running out of memory. I hope I can store few on iCloud. I think you can print from your tablet. I have once printed pages on my wireless printer. There is no other way to print unless to take screenshots etc, lot of manual task.

  3. I saw your dinosaur chart in WOCS - it's really fun! I have often thought about subscribing to digital magazines as I very rarely use the cover kits that come with the paper version. But even though I mainly read on a kindle, there's something about a paper magazine I just can't give up!

  4. Great stitching for the day. I'll have to go and look up the dinosaur chart. Loving the colours so far! :)

  5. Great start, looking forward to watching it turn into a dinosaur! Also loving your Peanuts characters:)

    1. Thank you! The dinosaur might be a bit. There are so many more WIPs now!

  6. Nice bright colours in your new start.

  7. Nice bright new start. Lucy is looking good as well.

  8. New start looks bright & colourful!!

  9. I keep telling my family that dinosaurs aren't just for boys! I always liked them too!

  10. Sounds cute. It will be like a mystery reveal for me haha. Great job on your cute little Lucy!


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