Thursday, January 28, 2016

DUCJFC 2016 - January 28 - Another Finish! And a New Comic Character

Tonight I went back to Charlie Brown to finish him off:

And here's the one I had finished previously:

I hadn't stitched her name yet, but I didn't think I wanted to count that little bit as a "start". 

So here's the real start:

It's another character from the series and good luck guessing this one! Although at some point it's a process of elimination. :) 

Plus I continued on with #2:

Any guesses now?

Happy Stitching,



  1. Looking good! No guesses, apart from it's not Snoopy!! :)

  2. OK so I know who number 2 is now, the shape of the head gives it away (plus the message you sent me yesterday!) No clues as to number 3. These are so cute!

  3. Such a fun project to be working on

  4. They are all so cute! Yes, thanks to your message, I now who is number 2, appear I was right without knowing it! :)

  5. They all look great Tiffany. I'm going with my first choice and that is Lucy.


  6. Both finishes are looking good. they really are great characters.

  7. They really lend themselves well to cross stitching, don't they!


Thanks for any comments!

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