Saturday, January 23, 2016

DUCJFC 2016 - January 23 - KLT Charting SAL (Owls)

I will admit to continuing on with Day 3 before beginning today's new start:

There are a lot of colour changes in this one, but I checked ahead and the others are easier, so I hope I can go back to finishing in 2-3 days again with the other days. This one will be worth it when I finish though. The pattern looks hilarious and I hope it turns out well. 

I decided to skip starting Day 4 in favour of starting the new KLT Charting SAL. A good friend, Kay, purchased the SAL for me for Xmas. So I have to start, right? I'm stitching them on the same afghan fabric as the dragonlets. 

You may have seen a few more of these owls around, and here's my start:

It kind of looks like he's winking at us. ;) I'm using 4 strands of DMC 823 for the outline and 3 strands of Jodyri threads - A Dory Moment and I'm enjoying how it looks so far. I saw someone on the Facebook group had stitched the eyes in yellow and I'd like to do that too, but I'd have to find a yellow that matched the Jodyri thread well. It could always be something I go back and finish later. 

I had DD look through my threads with me and she tends to pick threads that have yellow in them first since it's her favourite colour. She does love to look at all the different colours of threads too. She originally chose one that had blue, green and yellow, but it was a little too light for the white afghan fabric. This one is very similar, but darker. 

I'm stitching over 2 threads so this owl will be pretty big when I'm done. It's the only way it seemed to look good on the loose weave of this afghan though. I tried stitching with perle #8 in 823, but I didn't like the look at all, either 1 over 1 over 1 over 2. I'm happier with how flat the thread lies with regular thread instead of the perle. 

This is another I'd like to continue on with for a little bit, but we'll see what tomorrow brings!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Nice progress and start Tiffany. Love the owl.


  2. Great progress on both pieces. The owls will be cute.

  3. I have stitched and am seeing quite a few owls at the moment. This one looks gorgeous! :)

  4. Owls seem to be very popular at the moment and that one looks like a cutie.

  5. Great progress on both the WIPs!! Yellow is my favourite too:)

  6. I thought Dory before I even read your post! Great minds...


Thanks for any comments!

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