DUCJFC 2016 - January 18 - Butterfly Quote by Jodyri Designs WIP

Back to another WIP today! I started this last year for the summer SAL on a multi-designer Facebook SAL page. They had a winter SAL as well and I continued on, but soon had to put this one aside for my Xmas stitching and to try and finish up a few more of the 2015 challenge pieces. 

Here's where I left off last November:
14ct mottled blue Aida with Jodyri Pink Laydee and Sparkling Citrine

and this is today:

The thread colours are consistent, but I cannot get a good photo of the fabric, even with different phones. 

I also put a few more stitches into December mini-cat to get it to here:

Hope everyone is doing well with the challenge so far, and Happy Stitching!



  1. Nice progress on both Tiffany.


  2. Great progress on both!! I never get the correct angle while taking pictures of cross stitch. They look different from all sides and many times they aren't blur but stitch and thread texture make them look blur.

  3. Those threads are definitely bright! I know what you mean about taking photos but luckily we have a bright conservatory. All I need is daylight! :)

  4. Great stitching! I especially love the colors of the words on the blue fabric.

  5. Lovely designs & great progress!

  6. Love them both. The saying is so pretty. I remembered from when you shared it before. Great job on both.

  7. The smaller eyes do look better! Fabric is funny for me to photo too...I just always attributed it to the fact that my house is perpetually dark, but it looks like your lighting is good, so it must just be fabric then!


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