DUCJFC 2016 - January 9 - Here Comes Treble

Today's start is one of 3 music clef themed charts by the very talented Tracy Horner of Ink Circles. I finished the bass clef a few years back from my MIL, a voice coach and singer herself. I went a little crazy with Carrie's Creations and love how vibrantly it turned out:

I believe my MIL was happy too. The treble clef was model stitched like this:

But I'm going to mix it up again and using WDW threads mine will have a more blue/green theme. I decided to go with white 28 count Monaco since I have a bunch of it and I think the colours show well. 

Here's my start and floss toss for the other colours:

I decided to go bold and do the clef in WDW Caribbean. I'm going to use the darker colour, WDW Chesapeake, for the inside and the light green, WDW Lagoon, for the staff. The gold colour in the original will be the blue, WDW Ocean. 

I plan to do most of the interior details of the clef in Chesapeake since Ocean will blend in a little too much. I started debating whether I should have done the clef in Ocean instead, but I'm happy with how the variegated Caribbean has turned out so far. I managed a whole thread length and 2 more strands started last night so I'm well on my way with this one. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. Nice start Tiffany and I love the floss.


  2. I like this series and love the colours you've chosen. They must be so relaxing to work with. It's looking fantastic so far! :)

    1. Thanks! It's a fun little series, especially the titles she came up with. Altogether Now is the other one in the series.

  3. Oh love your color choices!! Beautiful.

  4. So beautiful!! You have chosen lovely colors.

  5. Ahhh, those colors are amazing! Great choice! :)

  6. I really like your choice of thread colour, it's vibrant and simply lovely!

  7. That's a great series and your colour choices work well together and look lovely, so definitely a win win.


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