DUCJFC 2016 - January 5 - Monochrome Link (from Zelda games)

Not everyone is familiar with Link the video game character so I'll give you the basics. The Zelda game series is found on Nintendo systems only. Link is a character from a small village that ends up being the hero and stops evil from overtaking the land. He usually wears green, although this is a monochrome style cross stitch.

The games involve using your wits and solving puzzles as well as fighting. There are generally tasks that take you all over the world of the game and allow you to collect all the extras you need to complete the entire game. They're a lot of fun and good for both older children and adults. 

Here's a photo of the finished piece:
from Sprite Stitch by Arimentha

I'll be stitching it on black and this was stitched on white, so it may end up looking a little bit different. Here's my start:

This is the far right side, the top of the sword and hilt. There are 2 full pages and 4 smallish partial pages. I hope to work on those first and finish up with the full pages. This is to try and hide this project from DH as I hope to finish it by December for his birthday. 

So far it's been enjoyable, although I don't know about the colours exactly. We'll see how it turns out! 

Thank you again for all your comments and supporting me through this insanity. :)

Happy Stitching,



  1. You are officially insane! Good luck with keeping it hidden - though my husband has such little interest in my stitching I could probably stitch a gift for him right under his nose without him seeing it!

  2. That's an ambitious project so good luck finishing it by December and without him seeing it. I'm with Justine above regarding my hubby! :)

    1. Thanks! I hope stitching Link's face last will help with that part. DH is good about supporting me, but fairly oblivious to what I'm stitching otherwise. :)

  3. Same here with my hubby. Great design and nice progress. Good luck.


  4. Lovely design and ambitious plan. Good luck. I hope your husband doesn't read your blog.

  5. Love the monochrome original design!! It should be really nice to stitch. Good luck using dark coloured fabric. Hope you can keep it hidden from hubby :)

  6. Ohh I love it! I always loved the Zelda games. Can't wait to watch it grow.

  7. Interesting choice. I always love the way things look stitched on black, although there is always one point when I want to huck the whole thing because I get frustrated. Good luck keeping it a surprise.

  8. Fantastic start. I haven't really gotten into any of the Zelda games but definitely have heard of them and come across references to them.

  9. Good lord you are brave! Black fabric? UGH! But hey, if anyone can do it, you can!


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